MT APBT Rescue, Inc

Montana Pit Bulls' Rescue & Adoption Agency

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Welcome to MT APBT Rescue, Inc. 

Montana Pit Bulls' Rescue & Adoption Agency.

About Our Web Site

The MT APBT Rescue web site was created to help pit bulls/bully breeds in need throughout Montana. 

As there are no official Pit bull Rescue Shelters in the state, we have established a virtual kennel in an effort to help re-home the many hopeful pit bulls.

Our goal is to provide a one-stop site; listing every pit bull/bully dog, in every shelter across Montana. We also list bullies in foster homes or individual homes as well as assisting individuals interested in adopting pit bulls.

We are in the early stages of acquiring funds to build Montana's first pit bull/bully breed shelter. In the meantime, we are dedicated to re-homing individual owner's pit bulls before they are surrendered to shelters while assisting local shelters and fosters with the re-homing of the pit bulls in their care. 

Before you bring a pit bull to a shelter, please consider trying to find them a home first. We offer listing services free of charge for everyone. If you know of a bully in need, please contact us.

 Please browse the site for links to Montana's Adoptable Pit Bulls as well as surrounding areas and additional rescue groups.

Services / VIPB (Very Important Pit Bull) Program

The VIPB Program has been established to assist in the re-homing of Montana's Pit bulls who are currently in the care of individuals and/or foster homes in an effort to reduce the number of animals at local shelters.

Program Basics:
* Free Internet Networking
* Free Adoption Flyers
* Free Point of Contact (to protect your privacy)
* Free Adoption Application/Contract
* Free Adoption Applicant Pre-screening (Final adoption approvals are the responsibility of the current owner and/or custodian)

Program Enrollment:
Contact MT APBT Rescue with the following information:
*Contact Name:
*Contact Information (phone, email or facebook):
*Dog Information:
- Photos and/or Videos
- Name
- Breed
- Age
- Sex
- Neutered/Spayed
- Current on Rabies & Basic Vaccinations
- Health Issues
- Compatibility (good with kids? infants? dogs? cats?)
- Behavioral Issues
- Re-homing Fee
- Out of area adoption available
- Transport to other areas possible
- Other information  

Program Details:

*Personalized listing on MT APBT Rescue, Inc's web site.          
*Personalized listing on MT APBT Rescue, Inc's web site. (
*Personalized listing on the MT APBT Rescue, Inc. social media networks.(Facebook:
*Regular postings of the Personalized listing on various Facebook "Montana Pet Groups"

*Printable for local area distribution including veterinary offices, gas stations, grocery stores, etc. Printing and distribution is the responsibility of the current owner and/or foster.
*Formated for additional sharing on cell phones, social media networks and web sites.

Upon request, MT APBT Rescue will serve as the Point of Contact for all interested adopters. (phone/text, e-mail and mailing address) We recommend this option to protect the owner's personal information and privacy as the information we post is Public and may remain on web sites and social media sites even after the dog has been adopted.

Upon request, MT APBT Rescue will provide a standard adoption application to help owners make the best decision when re-homing their pet. The application can be customized to include or remit information as the current owner sees necessary. MT APBT Rescue can also be included as a "Post Adoption Contact" for the new owners. (see adoption application/contract)
MT APBT Rescue recommends collecting as much contact information as possible from applicants as well as conducting reference checks and home checks.

Upon request, MT APBT Rescue will pre-screen applicants for Adoption purposes. Applications are reviewed to ensure the home in question meets the requirements of the individual dog (no dogs, no cats, fenced yard, etc). We then verify the identity and location of the applicant through basic reference checks. Confirmation that the landlord and/or homeowners' insurance company allows pit bulls on the property is also verified.
Though physical home checks are not always possible, MT APBT Rescue asks the applicant to permit a home check before and after adoption. When available, volunteers from the area will be asked to conduct an official home check using a standard checklist. (see home visit checklist) When home checks are not possible, MT APBT Rescue request photos and/or videos of the proposed home.

If the applicant is pre-approved, MT APBT Rescue will forward any recommendations to the current owner/foster along with any applicable paperwork/information. The current owner/foster is then responsible for finalizing the adoption by contacting the applicant, arranging transport, collecting any payment for said dog and providing an ownership transfer. (either verbal or in writing)


Mission Statement

 The organization, MT APBT Rescue, Inc is a volunteer based, not for profit entity established to assist in the re-homing of pit bulls and bully breeds throughout the state of Montana. The organization is committed to assisting Montana’s animal shelters and general public by implementing the following actions:

• Provide a comprehensive listing of pit bulls in need of adoption or   assistance through internet and social media advertising.
• Provide resources, links and educational information in an effort   to ensure responsible ownership, while dispelling misinformation and   common myths pertaining to pit bulls.
• Provide Montana’s participating shelters with resources and links  regarding grants and funding available through various “pit bull   friendly” organizations.
• Provide a general contact center for individuals interested in   adopting, re-homing or generally assisting pit bulls.

General Disclaimer

MT APBT Rescue, Inc cannot be held responsible for the dogs displayed on its pages and should not be construed as a reference pertaining to adoptions. We do not have direct contact with any available dogs featured through our listings. Furthermore, the organization has not evaluated the temperaments or dispositions of the dogs listed.

For the immediate future, MT APBT Rescue is intended to be a resource center only. Please contact the shelters or individuals directly for information regarding the dog of your interest or to help.